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South Dakota Wind Energy Association

According to the American Wind Energy Association, South Dakota has the fourth best wind in the country. Throughout South Dakota, there is a widespread interest in encouraging further development of this renewable resource. Further development of wind energy presents significant opportunity for the state and the nation. The development of wind energy is good for farmers and ranchers by providing a much needed source of income; it is good for South Dakota’s economy by potentially offering new jobs and expanding the local tax base; and it is good for the environment because it provides a clean renewable resource to meet growing energy needs.

As South Dakota’s wind resource is developed, it is important that state leaders focus on maximizing the economic benefits of wind on behalf of the citizens of this State. In order to pursue this goal, it is proposed to establish a South Dakota Wind Energy Association as a forum for exchanging ideas about wind development and providing accurate, reliable information for state leaders and citizens on a variety of issues related to wind energy.

South Dakota Wind Energy Association Website: www.sdwind.org

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