Save Energy & Money

Since 2010, East River and its member systems have provided more than $4 million in energy efficiency incentives to the members of our cooperative network.

As a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative, East River doesn’t exist to make money from selling electricity. We exist to provide power at the lowest possible rate and we’re committed to helping our members conserve energy and keep their money where it belongs—in their pockets. We achieve that goal through our load management program, energy efficiency incentives and more.

Load Management Program

Load management is a means of controlling the amount of electricity being used during times of peak demand in our service territory. Peak demand is the greatest amount of electricity used at one time by an electric system, normally when a large number of customers are using appliances at the same time. These peaks determine how much we must pay for power. When periods of peak demand occur, load management reduces the demand and lowers the cost to all members.

Our load management program has saved our members more than $260 million in avoided wholesale power costs since it launched in 1985. Over 75,500 electric loads in homes, farms and businesses of member consumers throughout eastern South Dakota and western Minnesota currently participate in the program. These loads include electric water heaters, air conditioners, irrigation systems and other big energy users.

Special switches are attached to the loads when a member enters into the program. Our dispatch center sends a radio signal to the switching units and shuts off power to the connected units for short periods during our peak demand. Typically, this happens on hot summer and cold winter days. We cycle off appliances in such a way that reduces the chance of inconveniencing the participating members.

Learn how to Save Energy & Money

Our cooperative network maintains an entire website dedicated to helping our members save energy and money. That’s the cooperative difference in action.

Energy Efficiency Rebates and Loans

Reducing your energy usage is a simple way to save money on your energy bill. As a not-for-profit cooperative network we’re committed to helping our members save energy and money every day. That’s why, in conjunction with our members, East River offers a robust residential and commercial energy efficiency rebate and loan program in collaboration with our member cooperatives. Please contact your local electric cooperative for information on rebates and incentives that are available in your area.

Our energy efficiency incentives reward members for making efficiency upgrades in their homes and businesses. Since 2010, East River has awarded more than $4 million in energy efficiency incentives in collaboration with our member co-ops.